Occupier’s Liability

Occupier’s Liability is the duty of care of those who own or lease property or land, to people who visit or trespass. If an accident occurs on said property or land, the owner could be prosecuted if it is found that they were negligent in their duty to ensure the premises are safe and fit…

Official Receiver

An Official Receiver is a civil servant who works for the Department of Trade and Industry and is appointed by the Court to act as: – a liquidator when a company is being wound up; – a trustee when an individual is made bankrupt. The duties of an official receiver will include examining the company/bankrupt’s…

Official Solicitor

An Official Solicitor is a solicitor or barrister appointed by the Lord Chancellor and working in the Lord Chancellor’s Department. The duties include representing, in legal proceedings, people who are incapable of looking after their own affairs i.e. children/persons suffering from mental illness.


An ombudsman is a type of referee who is independent from a complaint made against an organisation and are generally seen a last resort in trying to resolve the dispute. You can still take court action if you are not satisfied with the outcome of their investigations.

Open Correspondence

Open Correspondence is any email, letter, phone call or meeting which is not “without prejudice“. All open correspondence can be referred to in tribunal in front of a judge. Usually ‘open’ letters between two parties will be outright denials of liability. At the same time ‘without prejudice’ letters are sent saying “just in case we are wrong…