Occupier's Liability

These claims cover accidents where you have been allowed to enter a building or land which is owned by someone else – this could be private land such as a home or garden or commercial property such as a hotel, restaurant or shop. If whilst in the building or on the land you are then injured due to something they have done (for example – left an obstacle in the way that you tripped over) or something they have not done (for example failing to put a handrail on the staircase), you could be entitled to make a claim.

Businesses are responsible for making sure these types of injuries do not happen. Establishments such as hotels and restaurants often have marble, tiled or wooden floors that are prone to becoming slippery, especially when customers are bringing water in on the soles of their shoes or food and drink is spilled. It is up to the business or landowner to ensure their premises are clean and safe, and that any hazardous surfaces are cleanly signposted to avoid accidents.

If you slip or fall on land or property owned by someone else due to an unsafe and un-signposted surface, then you are entitled to make an occupiers liability claim. Whether your slip and fall occurred on the property of a business, a public place such as in a bus or train station, or on an individual property, you could be entitled to compensation.

Occupier's Liability Success Stories

We recovered over £8000 for our client who was injured while playing on defective play equipment.

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