Freeze Out

A Freeze Out is an action taken by a company’s majority shareholders that pressures minority holders to sell their stakes in the company. A variety of maneuvers may be considered freeze-out tactics, such as the termination of minority shareholder employees or the refusal to declare dividends.

Freezing Order

If you are an individual or a business involved in a dispute and suspect that your opponent may dispose of its assets to defeat your claim then we can help you obtain a freezing order. This will prevent the disposition of assets or funds until the case goes to trial.

Frustration of Contract

Frustration of Contract is the legal termination of a contract due to unforeseen circumstances that (1) prevent achievement of its objectives, (2) render its performance illegal, or (3) make it practically impossible to execute.


A Fugitive is one who flees; always used in law with the implication of a flight, evasion or escape from some duty or penalty or from the consequences of a misdeed.

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure: 1. In Accounting, this is the practice of disclosing all material facts truthfully and completely to avoid any misunderstanding. 2. In Patenting, this is the disclosure of all material facts to avoid any deviation that may render the patent null and void in the patent application.