Ward of Court

Ward of Court is the name given to a minor who is the subject of a wardship order. The order ensures that custody of the minor is held by the Court with day to day care of the minor being carried out by an individual(s) or local authority. As long as the minor remains a…

Warrant of Delivery

Warrant of Delivery is a method of enforcing a judgment for the return of goods (or value of the goods) whereby a bailiff is authorised to recover the goods (or their value) from the debtor and return them to the creditor.

Warrant of Restitution

Warrant of Restitution is a remedy available following illegal re-entry of premises by persons evicted under a warrant of possession. The bailiff is authorised to evict all occupants found on the premises and re-deliver the premises to the plaintiff.


A written statement of good quality of merchandise, clear title to real estate or that a fact stated in a contract is true. An “express warranty” is a definite written statement and “implied warranty” is based on the circumstances surrounding the sale or the creation of the contract.

Water or Drainage Search (property)

This determines whether a property is connected to the mains water, mains drainage and ‘surface water drainage’. The search will also reveal whether there are any publicly maintained drains running through the land, which is important as building near some types of pipes without the water company’s approval is an offence.