As experienced family lawyers we deal with a broad range of cases including those relating to separation and divorce, children matters, finances on separation (including where there is a business/foreign or trust assets) and domestic violence.

All matters relating to the breakdown of a family, particularly those involving children, are distressing. As specialist family lawyers we pride ourselves on the ability to deal with these sympathetically and efficiently.

Although we realise it is not pleasant to instruct solicitors in matters of this nature, it is very important to seek advice at an early stage in order to avoid potential difficulties in the future.

We are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes, in particular we want to ensure all action taken, is in the best interests of children involved in the matter.

The Family Law team at Wrigley Claydon is made up of Rhona Royle, Corinne Bailey-Brown and Terri Pickup and boasts a wealth of experience and individual specialists in a range of areas.

Divorce, Separation, Finances and Children. It's never easy. Call 0161 624 6811 for professional advice and a sympathetic ear.
The Family Law Team

If you would like further information or to talk to one of our team of family lawyers at Wrigley Claydon please call us on 0161 624 6811.

Please refer to their individual profiles to see their respective areas of expertise: Rhona Royle, Corinne Bailey-Brown, Terri Pickup

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