In old English and civil law. A proclamation; a public notice; the announcement of an intended marriage. Cowell. An excommunication; a curse, publicly pronounced. A proclamation of silence made by a crier in court before the meeting of champions in combat. Id. A statute, edict, or command; a fine, or penalty.

Bank Examination

When a countries central bank does an inspection of its banks. It is checking for proper management, customers, policy, following national policy, stability, and how transparent its operations are. Refer to CAMELS rating.


Similar to insolvant, Bankrupt is when an individual is unable to pay creditors and has goods administered by a liquidator and sold to raise cash to pay off creditors. Usually results from an order under the Insolvancy Act 1986.


Behaviour is the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others. Unfavourable behaviour is the most common reason for divorce or civil partnership dissolution.