Indemnity is compensation for damages or loss. Indemnity in the legal sense may also refer to an exemption from liability for damages. The concept of indemnity is based on a contractual agreement made between two parties, in which one party agrees to pay for potential losses or damages caused by the other party.


Innocent in legal terms can have a number of definitions: – not guilty of a crime or offence (also referred to as Not Guilty) – a defendants plea – they state they are innocent (Not Guilty) of the charge against them – Innocent party – is a person involved by chance in a situation, especially…


An Inquest is a judicial inquiry in common law jurisdictions, particularly one held to determine the cause of a person’s death. Conducted by a judge, jury, or government official, an inquest may or may not require an autopsy carried out by a coroner or medical examiner. Generally, inquests are only conducted when deaths are sudden or unexplained.