As your employment solicitor we are always at the end of the phone ready to help clear up any issues and avoid future crises.

We regularly advise businesses on recruitment policies and as your employment solicitor will assist with the preparation of contracts of employment, preventing problems that may otherwise arise.

This area of law continues to expand and develop and no employer can risk being without specialist knowledge at their fingertips. As your employment solicitor we can advise on all matters. This includes ongoing changes to employment legislation as well as any new regulations that are coming into force such as the recent changes to pension provisions for all employees.

John Porter, partner and Employment Law specialist, says:

“I know I’ve done a good job when the business doesn’t need me!”

Should you find yourself in crisis, as an employer at the end of accusations of unfair dismissal, discrimination or even industrial action or an employee suffering bullying and harassment, our team have vast experience and will guide you through this complicated field.

There are many ways we can help you manage your legal obligations and by taking a proactive approach you can avoid costly disputes with employees by ensuring they are dealt with professionally and correctly.

Range of Employment Tribunal Costs

prices for defending unfair or wrongful dismissal cases can vary hugely depending on various factors including the number of witnesses, complexity of the legal issues etc. As a guide however:

  • Simple cases (typically disposed of by a one day hearing in the employment tribunal) : £5,000.00-£6,000.00 (excluding VAT and expenses)
  • Medium complexity cases : £6,000.00-£10,000.00 (excluding VAT and expenses)
  • High complexity cases : £10,000.00-£15,000.00 (excluding VAT and expenses)

What our clients have had to say…

The FCC UK Group has been a client of Wrigley Claydon for over 20 years. Their services to us mainly consist of employment law, commercial and property matters. They work on all our employment matters where we require advice and prepare all our Employment Tribunal documents.  We have an excellent relationship with partner John Porter who has worked with us since we became their client. He gives consistent, practical advice and we are able to call him any time to discuss matters. He knows our business well and he knows 'where we are coming from' in relation to how we wish to proceed with matter, particularly in the employment field. We do not have to wait for responses which is a common theme with other firms. Their fees are also very acceptable in comparison with other companies. Indeed many of our employees ahem used the firm for their personal business such as property matters and will writing. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential client.

LC – HR Director, FCC UK Group

Wrigley Claydon Solicitors

LC – HR Director, FCC UK Group

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