Legal Support When Someone Dies

We have a dedicated, approachable team with many years experience in helping clients when someone dies.

Following a death, there are a number of practical and technical matters which have to be dealt with. We understand that this can be a difficult and traumatic time. Our team will provide good, honest, impartial advice in a professional and sympathetic manner, whilst acting efficiently.

As your solicitor we will help provide the legal expertise needed at this time including;

  • The validity and effect of a Will
  • What to do if there is no Will
  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate
  • Varying the Will
  • Disputes between Beneficiaries
  • Calculating and Paying Inheritance Tax
  • Dealing with Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax

When someone dies, their property and financial affairs need to be dealt with. Who is authorised to do this is dependant on whether or not the deceased has made a Will.

Trusts, Wills and Probate Solicitor in Manchester, Oldham and Todmorden

We can ensure all aspects are dealt with correctly and promptly by closing accounts, receiving the money, dealing with debts, preparing Estate Accounts and paying the beneficiaries. The identification of the correct beneficiaries can be problematic especially if there is no Will, but are fully insured.

We have prepared an information sheet that covers the main points about handling the affairs of someone after they have passed away. Please download it for free by filling in the form below:

Bereavement Information Sheet

Bereavement Information Sheet
Wills and Probate Fixed Fees

To talk to us about supporting someone when they are unable to deal with their affairs please call us for more information:

Manchester Office: 0161 914 9881
Oldham Office: 0161 624 6811
Todmorden Office: 01706 815712

Team Oldham and Manchester: Rachel Damianou and Jyoti Patel.

Team – Todmorden: Emma Piszkalo, Amelia Ormerod