Wills and Probate Fixed Fees


Single Will:
£225.00 plus VAT

Single Will with right to reside, more than  2 legacies, residuary estate into more shares:
£250.00 plus VAT


Mirror Wills:
£325.00 plus VAT

Mirror Wills with right to reside, more than 2 legacies, residuary estate into more shares:
£375.00 plus VAT


Discretionary Will Trust – single:
£325.00 plus VAT

Mirror Discretionary Will Trust:
£475.00 plus VAT

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Court fee:

Single LPA including registering:
£500.00 plus VAT
£300 preparation
£200 registration

Double LPA’s including registering:
£775.00 plus VAT
£475 Preparation
£300 registration

Court fee:
£82.00 each

Single LPA when making Will (Will price is additional) Including registering:
£480.00 plus VAT

Double LPA’s when making Will (Will price is additional) Including registering:
£750.00 plus VAT

LPA X 4 (H&W/P&F for couple):
£1,195.00 plus VAT – £775
Preparation – £440.00 (£1,075 with Wills)


Home Visits:
£50.00 plus VAT per visit
(mileage 40p per mile)

Notice of Severance

Notice of Severance:
£150.00 plus VAT



Single Codicil:
£120.00 plus VAT (START FROM)

Mirror Codicils:
£180.00 plus VAT (START FROM)

Grant Only

Obtaining a Grant of representation if no IHT payable:
£750.00 plus VAT

Obtaining a Grant if IHT payable:
£1,500.00 plus VAT

Full Administration of estate:
Quotation available on request

1. Full Administration Service

As a guide our fees for acting for an executor and dealing with an uncontested full administration will usually range between £1,500.00 and £5,000.00 plus VAT and disbursements. Our fees are calculated using a combination of an hourly rate of between £175.00 and £201.00 plus 1.5% of the net residuary estate and 0.75% of the net value of any residence (in accordance with the Law Society’s Guidance) Before undertaking any work, we offer a free initial appointment at which we will give you an initial estimate of our likely costs. Disbursements are costs related to your case that are payable to 3rd parties and include items such as

  • Probate Court fee of £155.00 plus £1.50 per copy of the Grant
  • Bankruptcy Search of £2.00 per beneficiary
  • Statutory Creditors notices of approx. £200.00

The cost of dealing with the sale or transfer of any property in the estate is not included. What is included is :

  • the advice and experience of a dedicated Probate Solicitor
  • identifying the legally appointed executors/administrators and beneficiaries
  • registering the death with the relevant financial authorities and gathering the necessary evidence to complete the application for the Grant.
  • Dealing with HMRC and the Probate Registry to obtain the Grant, collect assets, settle liabilities and prepare full estate Accounts
  • Liaising with HMRC and DWP
  • Carrying out bankruptcy checks on beneficiaries
  • Distributing the estate and obtaining the necessary receipts

On average it takes 6 weeks to obtain the Grant and the whole administration should be completed within 6 months (depending on the sale of any property)

2. Grant Only Service

If you provide us with the necessary information, we can simply apply for the Grant on your behalf by completing and submitting the necessary forms to HMRC and the Probate Registry. If no Inheritance Tax is payable, our fees are £695.00 plus VAT plus a Probate Court fee of £155.00 and £1.50 per additional copy.


If Inheritance Tax is payable or a full Inland Revenue accounts is necessary, our fees are £1250.00 plus VAT and a Probate Court fee of £155.00 plus £1.50 per copy.

Please see: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/work-out-what-part-of-your-estate-pays-inheritance-tax for guidance on whether Inheritance Tax is likely to be payable.

3. Court of Protection

Standard non-contentious Deputyship Applications – our fees are in accordance with the Court of Protection fixed costs currently £950.00 plus VAT and a Court fee of £365.00

All other Court of Protection applications will be based on our hourly rates of £175.00 – £201.00

4. Trust and Deeds

Trust £500.00 – £1,000.00 plus VAT dependant on the type of trust

5. Deed of Variation

£250.00 plus VAT

6. Deed of Renunciation

£150.00 plus VAT

For an individual quotation regarding Wills and Probate please call us for more information:

Manchester Office: 0161 914 9881
Oldham Office: 0161 624 6811
Todmorden Office: 01706 815712

Team Oldham and Manchester: Rachel Damianou and Jyoti Patel.

Team – Todmorden: Emma Piszkalo, Amelia Ormerod