Finances on Separation

Dealing with financial arrangements following the end of marriage can be a very stressful time. Our experienced family team can assist with this.

We can advise on a variety of financial issues following the breakdown of a marriage and will endeavour to negotiate matters without the need for court proceedings.

If an agreement cannot be reached, then the next step would be to refer the matter to the mediation service to see if they can assist with resolving matters.  This is a more cost-effective way of reaching an agreement without the need for court proceedings.

When deciding on an appropriate financial settlement the following factors need to be considered:

  • Income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources
  • Financial needs, obligations and responsibilities
  • Standard of living
  • Age of the parties
  • Any physical or mental disabilities
  • Contributions made by the parties
  • The conduct of the parties
  • Any benefit which may be lost

If an application to court is necessary we can provide legal advice and representation throughout the process.

Should you wish to discuss these matters further please contact the office on 0161 624 6811 to arrange an appointment with one of our team.

Team: Rhona Royle, Terri Pickup, Sara Asif

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