When a company has a bad business practice that investors find out about. Revenue is lost as well as investors, customers, and suppliers. The market value also goes down. This can also be tried in court.


Release of a defendant from custody, until his or her next appearance in Court, sometimes subject to security being given and/or compliance with certain conditions.

Bail Court

In English law and practice. An auxiliary court of the court of queen’s bench at Westminster, wherein points connected more particularly with pleading and practice are ar- pued and determined. Holthouse.


A bond executed by a defendant who has been arrested, together with other persons as sureties. naming the sheriff, constable, or marshal as obligee, in a penal sum proportioned to the damages claimed or penalty denounced, conditioned that the defendant shall duly appear to answer to the legal process in the officer’s hands, or shall…


Along with enforcement officers, a Bailiff has legal power to remove and sell possessions in order to pay debts owed to a person or an organisation. They can conduct evictions, and arrest people. A bailiff can also serve court documents on people.


Transferring possession of goods from the owner to someone else. The ownership of the goods is not transferred. A practical example of bailment is that someone who hires a television has possession of it, but the rental company still owns the television.