Technology Disputes

Our technology dispute solicitors will quickly and efficiently put your case together and act on your behalf to negotiate a settlement or represent you in court.

Examples of technology disputes

We can help you if you are an individual or a business involved in breaches of all manner of technology contracts including;

  • software licence agreements
  • distribution & agency agreements
  • payment disputes
  • breaches of the Data Protection Act and
  • domain name and website disputes.
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Our technology dispute solicitors success story

A recent example was where we successfully forced our commercial client’s competitor to remove reference to our client’s products from their meta-tags on their website, as this was adversely affecting our client’s sales.

If you feel you have a technologyy dispute case and need some legal advice then please speak to Vijay Srivastava or Shalish Mehta, our civil and commercial litigation solicitors.  Please call us on 0161 624 6811.