Shalish acts on behalf of both private individuals and commercial clients, bringing or defending claims in the High Court or the County Court. Shalish is fluent in Gujarati and will happily represent those for whom Gujariti is the first language, in English. Shalish is also able to advise and assist with negotiations to resolve disputes, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Shalish joined the firm 10 years ago, very shortly after he qualified as a solicitor. Shalish is a keen sportsman, regularly playing cricket and five-a-side football. He is also a self-confessed foodie, taking great pleasure in sampling different cuisines from around the world. Currently, Shalish is pursuing his interest in languages, attending evening Spanish lessons at a local college.

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High Court battle for Monarch Airlines slots

Monarch Airlines has lost its High Court battle against Airport Co-ordination Limited’s (“ACL”) decision not to allocate certain take-off and landing slots to Monarch for next summer. Monarch wanted to exchange with other carriers to raise cash for creditors. The slots cover Manchester, Gatwick, Birmingham, Luton and Leeds-Bradford airports. The airline ceased trading last month…