New rules for recording domestic violence published in the journal Criminology & Criminal Justice argues that multiple incidents as serious as grievous bodily harm would be lumped together under the umbrella of one offence under the Domestic Abuse Bill.

The Home Office said that “We will introduce a landmark Domestic Abuse Bill to protect and support victims, recognise the life-long impact domestic abuse has on children and make sure agencies effectively respond to domestic abuse.”

Critics have said that the new offence of coercive control would mask the fact that women tend to be the victims of a higher number and a more serious level of offences.
98 per cent of those who reported experiencing repeated domestic violent crime which left them with injuries were female.

The offence of coercive control was introduced in 2015 and is designed to help those who experience “extreme psychological and emotional abuse”.
It was brought in following concerns that existing offences of harassment and stalking were not effectively identifying and punishing perpetrators of repeated domestic abuse.
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