Disputed Wills and Estates

We can help if a Will dispute is disputed or a claim is made against the estate.

When someone passes away there can be disagreements over their estate. These disputes can be incredibly stressful.

We offer the best advice on how to proceed given your specific circumstances. We have a team of specialist probate solicitors highly experienced in this complex area of law.

Common reasons disputing a Will:

  • That the deceased did not make adequate (or any) provision for them
  • Doubts over the validity of a Will
  • There was a problem over the mental capacity of the deceased when they made the Will
  • The deceased was tricked or coerced into making the Will
  • Allegations of fraud or forgery
  • Correct procedures as to the witnessing and signing of the Will were not followed
  • The Will has been lost
  • There is a mistake in the Will
  • There are arguments between or with the Executors

How much will it cost?

We offer a free initial interview to listen to your story and assess your claim. Consequently you can contact us and with peace of mind and without obligation. If the claim goes ahead the costs of your claim are generally reimbursed by the estate if you are successful.

Wrigley Claydon Success Story: Will and Estate Dispute Advice

Probate Partner Rachel Damianou and Litigation Solicitor Shalish Mehta can provide professional and sympathetic assistance

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Team: Rachel Damianou, Shalish MehtaJyoti Patel and Vijay Srivastava.