Intellectual Property

Intellectual property solicitorsIf you have a brand, something you have invented, or an original piece of work that you have written and someone infringes your rights we can help. We can assist you in securing an injunction and/or damages or account of profits and the delivery up and destruction of the offending item. If you have been accused of infringing someone’s intellectual property rights then we can also help by raising various defences and minimizing your liability.

Examples of intellectual property include:
  • the names of your products or brands
  • your inventions
  • the design or look of your products
  • things you write, make or produce

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Our intellectual property solicitors success storys

Our client was a company and it was alleged that they had breached a trade mark belonging to a competitor. We successfully argued that there was no infringement of the trade mark on the basis that the trade mark registration was invalid and that there the general public would not be confused with the name of our client’s business and the name of the competitors business.

Here are some other examples of intellectual property cases:

Beyoncé sues for intellectual property infringement

Possible intellectual property case for Fawlty Towers actor John Cleese

Trunki intellectual property stolen?

No Blurred Lines in latest high profile copyright case

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