Dispute Resolution

Regardless of the nature of your dispute, our experienced team of commercial litigation solicitors, led by partner Vijay Srivastava, can help you reach the best solution.

Many of the cases we deal with are disputes over contracts (a customer not paying, a supplier not delivering etc.). We also deal with issues relating to patents, trademarks and copyright. We can give solid practical advice and, when necessary, will aggressively pursue your interests through the courts.

Our team of commercial litigation solicitors can handle all business conflicts and assist in the smooth operation of your business.

Commercial litigation is the legal resolution of conflicts or disputes which arise in the commercial and corporate sectors. These disputes include;

Company and Commercial Lawyer

Boundary Disputes

We can help you protect your home and land should you become involved in a boundary dispute. The types of cases we can help you with include:

  • overhanging trees and branches
  • disagreements over boundary lines
  • responsibility for fence maintenance
  • house extensions
  • trespass

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Breach of Directors Duties

If you are a shareholder or a director we can help you bring a claim against a director of the company if you have suffered a loss by the directors’ breach.

If the director has made some personal profit, they can be required to surrender the gain.

We can help you obtain an injunction to:

  • stop the director from carrying out or continuing with the breach
  • obtain damages if the director has been negligent
  • set aside a contract in which the director had an undisclosed interest.

We can also help you if you are a director and have been accused of a breach.

Construction Disputes

We can help you if:

  • the work undertaken by the builder might not be of the quality that you believe you have paid for
  • the work has taken longer than it should have done
  • you need to bring claims against sub-contractors, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors or project managers.

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Contract Disputes

We can help in a variety of ways if the terms of your contract are broken:

  • make a compensation claim for loss or damage caused by the breach of contract
  • seek a court order for the contract to be performed and obligations to be carried out
  • seek a court order, declaring the contract void requiring your opponent to put you back in the position you were in before the contract was entered into.

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Defamation can be of two types: libel or slander. We can help you if someone says or publishes something that:

  • makes people think badly of you or your business
  • which damages your reputation and causes hurt feelings.

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Freezing Orders

If you are an individual or a business involved in a dispute and suspect that your opponent may dispose of its assets to defeat your claim then we can help you obtain a freezing order. This will prevent the disposition of assets or funds until the case goes to trial.

If you have been served with a freezing order we can advise you if the order is legal and help you set aside the order.

Insurance Disputes

If your insurance company refuses to pay out or offers a sum lower than the loss suffered or delays any claim we can help. These claims may be for:

  • property damage including subsidence
  • holiday illness and cancellation
  • loss of or damage to your vehicles.

Intellectual Property

If you have a brand, something you have invented, or an original piece of work that you have written and someone infringes your rights we can help you:

  • secure an injunction, damages or account of profits
  • with the delivery up and destruction of the offending item.

If you have been accused of infringing someone’s intellectual property rights then we can also help by raising various defences and minimizing your liability.

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Neighbour Disputes

We can help you if you are unfortunate to have a nuisance neighbour. the most common neighbour dispute is noisy neighbour playing music too loud. Other examples include:

  • access to land
  • shared amenities
  • fences/barriers
  • party walls
  • children

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Product Liability Claims

We can help you obtain compensation if you have suffered a loss or injury or been harmed by dangerous or defective products. Examples include faulty electrical equipment that may have burned you or caused damage to your property.

Professional Negligence

Suffering a financial or contractual dispute can have serious implications on your business.

We can help if your solicitor has missed a time limit, your surveyor has incorrectly valued your property, your architect has created a drawing with a design fault or your engineer has created a faulty product.

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Property Disputes

We can help you if you are a homeowner, a tenant, commercial landlord, property developer, a landowner or investor on disputes relating to:

  • tenants/landlords
  • non-payment of rent
  • evictions
  • dilapidations
  • planning appeals
  • rights of way
  • access and disagreements about boundaries.

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Technology Disputes

We can help you if you are an individual or a business who has suffered from a breach of contract such as:

  • software licence agreements
  • distribution & agency agreements
  • payment disputes
  • breaches of the Data Protection Act
  • domain name and website disputes.

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