New Balance has won a record payout in a Chinese trademark case after three local shoemakers were found to have infringed the brand’s “N” logo.

A Chinese court awarded the US sportswear firm more than 10 million yuan (£1.2m).

It is believed to be the highest award to a foreign company in a trademark dispute in China.

The country has been tightening its laws to tackle the widespread problem of trademark abuse.

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If you have a brand, something you have invented, or an original piece of work that you have written and someone infringes your rights we can help. We can assist you in securing an injunction and/or damages or account of profits and the delivery up and destruction of the offending item. If you have been accused of infringing someone’s intellectual property rights then we can also help by raising various defences and minimising your liability.

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Shalish acts on behalf of both private individuals and commercial clients, bringing or defending claims in the High Court or the County Court. Shalish is fluent in Gujarati and will happily represent those for whom Gujariti is the first language, in English. Shalish is also able to advise and assist with negotiations to resolve disputes, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Shalish joined the firm 10 years ago, very shortly after he qualified as a solicitor. Shalish is a keen sportsman, regularly playing cricket and five-a-side football. He is also a self-confessed foodie, taking great pleasure in sampling different cuisines from around the world. Currently, Shalish is pursuing his interest in languages, attending evening Spanish lessons at a local college.