Debt Recovery

Unpaid debt can have various unpleasant consequences ranging from cash flow difficulties and the refusal of prompt payment discounts to banks not recognising long term debts as collateral.

Our debt recovery service team in Oldham can help you initiate debt recovery proceedings. But first read our top tips on Commercial Debt Recovery.

We are experienced in debt recovery and have an efficient computerised debt recovery collection service. Staffed by qualified, experienced solicitors, it is a cost effective way to recover money owed to you.

Following a free initial telephone consultation, and a payment of £50 + VAT plus disbursements (e.g. a court fee), we will take care of the following:

  • Free initial telephone advice
  • Economic recovery of any size of debts
  • Serving a Notice of Intention to Issue a County Court Claim
  • Court proceedings issued and judgments enforced
  • Interest claimed
  • Majority of costs recovered from the debtor, if the case is successful
  • Enquiry Agents instructed to trace a debtor

On recovering all or part of the debt, our fees are:

Amount Recovered


Up to £1000.00

15% debt recovered inclusive of VAT.

Over £1000.00

10% of debt recovered inclusive of VAT.


If the recovery of the debt hasn’t been resolved following judgment, we can enforce the debt by:

  • Instructing the County Court Bailiff or the High Court Sheriff to seize goods
  • Questioning the debtor at court to ascertain his assets*
  • Obtaining an attachment of the debtor’s salary*
  • Obtaining a charge on the debtor’s property*
  • Bankruptcy or winding up proceedings*

(* These procedures will attract a separate fee in addition to our standard fees.)

Using Wrigley Claydon as your Debt Recovery solicitor is cost effective way of recovering debts. We are experienced in Commercial Debt Collection and Consumer Debt Collection as well as providing a complete and personal debt recovery service.

If you’re looking for a debt recovery service Oldham solicitors or to discuss your Debt Recovery case please call us on 0161 785 3534.

Team: Vijay Srivastava and Shalish Mehta