car accident solicitorRoad traffic accidents are the most common claims that personal injury solicitors may be asked to handle, with more and more drivers on the roads in Britain, more car crashes are to be expected.

You can pursue a claim following a traffic accident, whether you are a driver or a passenger, as long as we are able to verify that the other driver caused the car crash because they were driving their vehicle negligently.

Negligence can occur on the road in any number of ways, commonly, for example, if the other driver was driving too fast, if they changed lane recklessly or without indication or if they failed to stop at a give way junction.

Liability is sometimes contested following a traffic accident; however the Highway Code together with previously decided court cases lays out guidelines to assist in determining liability before the law as well as the appropriate level of compensation owed for any damages or injury sustained.

You can also claim if you were a pedestrian in the incident and have been injured because of the way in which the vehicle driver drove. For example if they mounted the kerb and ran over your foot or if they did not stop while you were stepping out onto a zebra crossing.

It’s not always strangers who cause the traffic accident. If you were a passenger in a vehicle that was driven by your friend, relative or colleague and they acted negligently causing you injury, you can still claim against them should you wish to. Their Insurance Company will settle your claim if appropriate.

Even if the driver who caused the accident is not insured or they have disappeared from the scene of the accident, you can still claim.

Our client had crossed half of the road when they were hit by a speeding vehicle. Our client sustained facial and dental injuries together with a permanent scar. We recovered over £24,000 in compensation.

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“I had a claim for compensation. The case was lengthy (five years) and complicated. The case was handled throughout by Vijay whom I found to be efficient, courteous, co-operative and very supportive. His favourite saying was ‘hide behind me, I will look after you’ and he did. I feel Vijay did an excellent job and I would recommend Wrigley Claydon’s services to anyone.”

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“I am writing to thank Wrigley Claydon Solicitors for the skillful and professional way in which my mother’s accident claim was handled. The case was quite complex and there were many twists along the way but I always felt that Vijay was in full control. This was proved in the successful outcome which was well beyond our expectations. His communication was first class, always clear, friendly and left me with no doubts about where we were. I felt that I was kept fully informed at all stages of the claim. I would have no hesitation in using your Company again or recommending Vijay to others in need of help.”

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