The breakdown of a marriage can be a very stressful time and we at Wrigley Claydon are here to help.

Our experienced team will handle your matter in a sensitive but highly efficient manner. We are on hand to support and advise you throughout your case.

In brief, there is one ground for divorce and that is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and you prove that to the Court in one of five ways:

  • divorce solicitor oldhamadultery
  • unreasonable behaviour
  • desertion (for a continuous period of two years)
  • separation for two years with consent
  • separation for five years

Should you wish to discuss the above further, please contact us on 0161 785 3521 or email a member of the Family Law team (below) to arrange an appointment.

Team: Corinne Bailey-Brown, Terri Pickup

Customer testimonials for our Family solicitors

“From the minute I spoke to Corinne her knowledge, empathy and professionalism made me at ease with the traumatic situation I was in regarding a house sale which was more difficult as my estranged wife was still living in the property. I would recommend Corrine to anyone going through a difficult divorce or separation. An amazing professional who was a pleasure to work with.”


“I consulted Wrigley Claydon Solicitors for assistance in relation to a Children Act matter which was recently heard before Oldham Family Court. I cannot thank Mrs Bailey-Brown enough for all her guidance and advice throughout a difficult time. The choice of Barrister was excellent at the hearing who was most experienced, very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I would be happy to recommend Wrigley Claydon in respect of any family matter.”


“When we chose to use your firm to help with setting up legal parameters for child access, we chose wisely.

At an extremely distressing and volatile time, the first lady solicitor we saw was reassuring and STRONG with a breadth of knowledge and experience in the area of the law I needed.

I had taken a long time to make the decision to go to court for some security for my son and I. It was a difficult decision to make. Thankfully, throughout all of my dealing with Wrigley Claydon staff, there was sensitivity and belief in our case which was sorely needed to help me go forward.

The staff at the firm are thoughtfully matched to the cases. I really appreciated that my legal representative, Corinne Bailey, was not only professional but sincerely empathetic, supportive, knowledgeable and always got back to me when I really needed reassurance! She saw our case through from beginning to end and I am grateful for that continuity.

I would recommend Wrigley Claydon with gusto for anyone who, like me, needed their hand holding during a tough time, but with a firm back up.

Thank you.”